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Sunday, April 23, 2006

What's in a Logo?

It's important that a logo be unique, attention grabbing, memorable and understandable at any size. Vigor's blog provides five categories for logo development in it's Is Your Logo A "No Go?" post.

The five categories include:
  • Readability - whether tiny or huge, a logo needs to be readable and recognizable
  • Originality - your logo should look different and be uniquely yours
  • Color and Fonts - they should relate to your target market
  • Relevancy - the composition needs to be relevant to your industry
  • Complexity - keep it simple yet strong
For companies with 5 or more years in business, the post recommends a total identity update as those businesses are more established in their industry. Whereas, companies in business for less than 5 years can get away with a just a logo redesign to enhance their image and brand strategy.
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