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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ford Makes Huge Ad Buy on Blogs

Ford Motor Company recently purchased ad space on 400 blogs running BlogAds ad boxes. The ads are appearing on urban-hipster sites like Gothamist, as well as environmental-themed sites like Treehugger.

The ad copy reads:
The Future of Fuel, The Future of Ford

With one of the worst fuel efficiency records of any car company, Ford is trying to "go
green." As another oiled crisis looms on the horizon, can they turn talk into action?

The ad then provides a like to "Read More."

The owner of BlogAds was so excited over the deal that he sent an email to all 400 webmasters, receiving the ad, expressing his excitement. And, just as everything is reproducible in this information age, you can read the email on Jalopnik.

I think it's pretty cool that Ford, a major company, is looking at new advertising options. They're willingness to advertise on blogs is a step in recognizing the power potential of blogs and the target audiences that use them.

On another note, I was quite surprised by their ad copy. If I hadn't known it was from Ford, I would have never guessed it. The copy appears as though a third party wrote an article about Ford. Given the news and opinion nature of blogs, I guess ad copy had to appear more news and less fluff like. I also think it's pretty bold of Ford to acknowledge themselves as having "one of the worst fuel efficiency records of any car company."

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