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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Blog Network for Marketers

Federated Media recently launched an ad platform designed to give marketers access to its network of highly literate and well-trafficked blogs (i.e. BoingBoing, Digg, GigaOm, TechCrunch, Techdirt and 45 others). The platform offers a do-it-yourself planning tool that allows companies, especially small ones, to plan, create and execute ad campaigns across Federated's blogs.

In his interview, John Battelle of Federated tells Advertising Age...

"Every advertiser is going to have two or three blogs they want to be on because they or the agency reads them, but what if you wanted to do what media planners do and campaign across significant reach? In blogs, you'd have to negotiate deals with 50 different sites. With the friction of that system, I found that advertisers aren't going to do it. And there's a new media model emerging: Publishers don't have to own content, which is what everyone in traditional media does. In this model, we don't hire authors, authors hire us. As a publisher, we're providing a service and a partnership but we're not telling them what to write. "

Sounds kind of cool!

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