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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Newspaper Circulation Down

In recent article, MediaPostPublications reported that the Newspaper Association of America found more than one in three web users visit a newspaper site on a monthly basis.

Where that maybe encouraging, the down side of that is of the 770 newspapers measured by the Audit Bureau of Circulation's bi-annual FAS-FAX report, daily circulation fell 2.5 percent, while Sunday circulation at 610 newspapers fell 3.1 percent. The strength in online traffic might not be enough to make up for the continuing drop in paid circulation.

Ken Doctor, an analyst with Outsell, Inc., a research firm focused on the news and information industries stated a few interesting points worth noting.

"Ad revenue is really generated by demonstrating an ability to touch readers. They (newspapers) know they need to be achieving reach and duration. Users don't come often enough, and when they come, they don't stay long enough."

"News aggregators like Yahoo News appear to fare better than online newspapers when it comes to keeping visitors on their sites. Overall, aggregators' news time is substantially ahead of individual news sites, and the growth in their readership is quicker."

Seriously, is this a surprise?

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