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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

View an Ad, Get Free Music

SpiralFrog recently announced its plans to provide an online service that allows users free ad-supported downloads of music and videos from the catalog of Universal Music--which includes Sheryl Crow, Fall Out Boy, 50 Cent, U2 and Kanye West.

Before downloading from SpiralFrog's collection, users will need to spend approximately 90 seconds per track, or two minutes per video, navigating through pages that display ads next to content. The service provides more than just music with material including concert information, artist bios and more.

Lance Ford, the company's chief sales and marketing officer, anticipates the service will especially appeal to the teens and 20-somethings that grew up with the peer-to-peer services that enabled free music downloads. As such, SprialFrog intends to pursue ads targeted to that age group. Users will need to provide basic demographic information in addition to their email address.

Perry Ellis and Benetton are two companies that have already signed up for ad space.

It will be real interesting to see how successful they'll be with this plan. Personally, I wouldn't want to be bothered with having to maneuver my way through ads just to get a free music download, but I'm not part of their target market. However, I do remember what it was like being a poor high school and college student, and in that case, I might have very well been willing to use a service like SpiralFrog - that is if I could have afforded a computer.

On another note, I never thought of Perry Ellis as appealing to teens and 20 somethings.

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  • So I've been searching around looking at blogs because I want to start one at my site ( golf schools ). But I'm not sure how I want to go.... blogger, wordpress, drupal... not sure, and I don't know that much about them. I like the look of this site. If you have time could you email me what you like/dislike about your blog? Thank you if you decide to take the time to help me out, and I understand if you don't. Ultimately I want it to look good with being "hands off" as much as possible. Anyway, keep up the good work.

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  • Thanks for the complement. What I like about my site, hum...

    I find Blogger to be easy to use, which is really important for the beginning blogger. After a few basic steps, you're ready to post.

    If you want to incorporate other elements into your blog (i.e. subscription services like Feedburner & Feedblitz), it's not too hard to add the html script into your blog's template - and that's coming from someone who’s html ignorant.

    I especially like their Help area over other blog hosts. It is pretty easy to navigate, and you can email someone to help you and they'll actually email you back - you might not get an instant response, but you will get a response even if it's just to direct you to a link on their site.

    Now for what I don't like...

    Categories, categories, categories - essentially the keywords that you associate with your post. Blogger doesn't provide this, so I have to use another means of creating them, which just adds to the process. However, Blogger just released a beta version that provides categories and other new elements. I wrote a post about it which you can view at

    Blogger also doesn’t provide Trackbacks - an element on your post that shows someone has written a post about your post. Right now I use Technorati to keep track of who’s writing about my posts.

    I also wish they would use Really Simple Syndication (RSS) instead to Atom for subscription feeds. RSS seems to be more common and popular than Atom. That's why I choose to go with Feedburner as my subscription feed service.

    Hope this helps.

    By Blogger Mary Ann Davis, at 9:32 PM  

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