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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Guides to Using RSS & Email for Marketing

I'm always interested in "how to guides" and I found a few at that I thought I'd share.

The 7-Step Marketing Plan
  • Start using RSS as an end-user
  • Plan your RSS feeds
  • Create a list of RSS marketing/publishing requirements
  • Choose an RSS publishing tool and create your first feed - mentions using SimpleFeed. For more details on an interview with SimpleFeed's CEO, Mark Clarson, refer to Marketing with RSS.
  • Promote your RSS feeds through your own channels
  • Promote your RSS feeds through external channels
  • Other key RSS activities

RSS and E-mail #1: How They Can Work Together?

  • Understand the relationships between RSS, e-mail, e-zines and blogs
  • Identify how to integrate RSS into your e-mail marketing strategy

RSS and E-mail #2: Delivering Your E-zines via RSS

  • Announcing your e-zine via RSS
  • The process: e-mail e-zines
  • The process: RSS content delivery
  • The process: RSS e-zine delivery
  • The technology

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