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Friday, February 10, 2006

Tracking Your Comments with coComment

One of the necessary actions in promoting your blog is commenting on other blogs, but leaving so many comments or even just a few -for the forgetful like myself - can be difficult to remember. coComment is a web application that keeps track of all the comments you leave across blogosphere.

You add a bookmarklet to your browser, and whenever you make comments on another blog, you'll do so using the bookmarklet. The service focuses on three main areas:

In "Your Conversations," you'll find a centralized list of all the comments you've made on other blogs with a link back to the original blog where you made the comment. Additionally, you'll find all comments posted by other coComment members which are related to your original comment - creating a flowing conversation.

Use "Blogbox," a display a window on your blog, that displays a miniaturized version of "Your Conversations." You don't have to go to coComment's web page to view your conversations, and it brings the value of your comments on other's blogs back to your blog. Lastly, it allows readers of your blog to see your comments, conversations and topics of interest from within your blog.

The comment stream generated by your conversations are available to you not only in your blog box, but also as an RSS feed, so you can track your conversations on your favorite RSS reader.

Sounds like a great idea. Is anyone using this, and if so do you like it?

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  • Just in case you did not catch it, I did reply to your comment on my blog about CoComment. Thanks for stopping by.

    And now that I know you are here, I'll come by!

    By Blogger Steve Sherlock, at 9:01 PM  

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