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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Monitoring the Competition with Your iPod

Podcasts aren’t just for listening pleasure, rather the more savvy sales and marketing professional uses them for a competitive edge. With there currently being 6,000 podcasts and 6 million subscribers and growing (according to PodBlazes White Papers), podcasts provides another outlet in staying on top of what your competitors are doing.

Many large companies, like GM, already have blogs and some are starting to launch into podcasting. Granted many podcasts are more home-grown efforts and range from every topic imaginable – just take a look at PodCast Alley. However, many cover the latest in business news. So, if your main competition isn’t podcasting, you may still be able to monitor their actions from a business news podcast.

Christopher Carfi provides important points to note when using podcasts for monitoring your competition.

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