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Friday, May 26, 2006

RSS Marketing Tips

Bill Flitter of iMedia Connection offers 5 marketing tips for using RSS.

Identify feed characteristics
Not all feed readers are the same. Some offer only headlines while others offer full content. To effectively market to consumers, you need to know how content is being presented. Once you understand the distribution method and how consumers receive your feed, you're better prepared to implement marketing strategies using RSS.

Tell a story. Don't sell a product.
RSS consumers prefer engaging content, and want to learn about the specific topics discussed in their chosen RSS feeds. Ads need to tell a story and present interesting facts or quotes from recent news about the your product's benefits. Or, end your ad copy with an intriguing question that you answer on your website.

Keep the creative fresh and new
The recommended standard is to change your creative for every six new posts in the feed. Having the same ads appear in too many feeds will hurt clickthrough rates.

Build a relationship with the potential customer
RSS advertising offers an opportunity to build relationships with the RSS readers. As a result of it's opt-in nature, consumers review their feed subscriptions on a regular basis giving advertisers the ability to communicate with them on a deep, consistent level while eliminating spamming. Companies and advertisers can really speak to the interests of their readers and know that many in their target audience will attentively read their content.

Choose and define your audience wisely
RSS is still in its growth stage and as a result consumers are typically small, well-informed early adopters. In RSS, hitting targeted audiences is crucial, and doing so should provide high clickthrough rates and conversion rates required to deliver a great return on your RSS investment.

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