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Thursday, March 16, 2006

College Acceptance Podcast

Fitchburg State College is doing away with acceptance letters in favor of podcasts. The Wired Campus recently reported more than 1,000 accepted students will receive an e-mail directing them to iTunes for Robert V. Antonucci's, the college's president, podcast.

A year ago, I was at a University Continuing Education Association conference where the keynote speaker said if you're not utilizing communication technologies that your students use, then you're not providing their preferred option of communication and likewise, eliminating their communication with you.

With the college's move toward podcasting, Fitchburg State College is making the statement that it understands how its students prefer to communicate. But, Wet Feet PR raises a good question of what communication is given to those who do not get accepted.

At the college where I work, Frederick Community College, we surveyed students on how they preferred to receive communication for their first semester, and surprisingly they overwhelmingly chose snail mail over electronic communication. Go figure?!

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