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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Corporate Blogging to Grow

Looks like corporate blogging is expected to grow. Given the recent trends in blogging sites, I'm not surprised.

Jupiterresearch's "Corporate Weblogs: Deployment, Promotion, and Measurement" report finds that 35% of large companies plan to initiate corporate blogs this year. That will make for nearly 70% of large companies operating a corporate blog when combined with the existing 34% already maintaining a blog.

Jupiterresearch also reports that only 32% of marketing executives said they use corporate blogs to generate word-of-mouth around their company's products or services - an underutilized activity given the nature of the blogosphere.

For more details you can purchase the report and a 30 minute discussion with the analyst from Jupiterresearch, but thankfully MediaBuyerPlanner provides a free synopsis.

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