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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Newspapers Competing with Blogs?

Although newspapers have the largest overall audience, blogs are quickly making an impact. Forrester Research found that blogs and newspaper web sites have the same audience share, about 17 percent, among Internet users between the ages of 18 and 24.

Given this latest trend, CNET reports that newspapers are seeking opportunities to get involved in the blogosphere.
  • The Associated Press recently signed a cross-marketing deal with Technorati, a search-engine for blog postings. Technorati will scan for blogs that include links to AP stories, and the search will then create a web page where it will display the blogs in addition to original AP stories.
  • BlogBurst, a blog syndication service, provides newspapers with the ability to publish to any of its more than 1,500 blogs.
  • The American Statesman, newspaper in Austin, TX, offers tools for people to create their own blogs, which can be posted on the newspaper's web site.

However, being a news agency and getting involved in the blogosphere comes with its share of challenges.

  • The Washington Post had to deal with plagiarism issues when it hired a former Bush administration aide to write a blog.
  • The Los Angeles Times recently announced it was discontinuing the column and Internet blog of a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, because he posted comments on his blog and other online sites under assumed names - a violation of the Times' policy.
  • Boring content - managing editor of the Dallas Observer, says that too often newspaper blogs are filled with leftovers from stories too long to fit in the paper that day.

For more information on newspaper readership view Newspaper Circulation Down.

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