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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ten Tips for Monitoring Your Company Online

If you're not monitoring your company online, you should. With the rise in usage of blogs, podcasts, and social networking sites like MySpace, monitoring your company online as well as off-line is becoming more crucial than ever.

With the web, it's easy for a disgruntled customer's negative comments or an employee's insight on confidential information to spread instantaneously reaching mass groups of people. By actively monitoring, you're able to defuse those situations, just as fast as they went up by setting the record straight - online. And, while you're doing so, you may likely find supporters speaking out for your company.

Some companies have actually implemented a policy outlining what can't be said about the company on an employees personal web site.

Monitoring these sites also provides an understanding on what your customers and potential customers like about your company, it's products, and the industry, and a better understanding on what to change, what not to change, and what to innovate.

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